Inner Goddess, Inner Goodness
Our client approached us with a dream project—to design from the ground up, the branding for a new cannabis company focused on inclusion—cannabis for anyone at anytime. 
My Role: Project Lead, Designer, Illustrator
Team: Grace Harms, Designer + John Foust, Client Management
The Ask: I had the pleasure of working with one of my favorite designers on this project—Grace Harms. Our biggest goal with this project was to stay true to our stakeholder's goal of creating a more equitable space for everyone to participate in cannabis consumption.
The Process: Grace and I worked very closely with our clients to ensure that we were creating a brand that was true to them. We also did a ton of competitive analysis to understand gaps in the industry.
The Outcome: We created a logo, website, print materials, packaging, and content strategy for their launch. The brand is incredibly unique to the cannabis space and appeals to users that were not previously seen in cannabis marketing.
We kicked off our project with a moodboard brainstorming activity. Our stakeholders were asked to design their own social media profile to get a better sense of: how they would describe the company in a single bio line, what kind of imagery best expressed the essence of they're  brand, what kinds of hashtags and sub-communities would they want the brand to participate and how they would want their target user to interact with the brand.
By creating their own social media profile, our clients were quickly able to envision the brand in a real-life scenario and think more broadly about what really makes up a brand and how all of the individual elements come together.
Additionally, because our client was so passionate about creating a compassionate and inclusive brand, we also did an activity to brainstorm how we could design for intersecting identities knowing that we wanted every customer to feel like a goddess, including women. This activity led us to think about how to create packaging solutions that were more subtle and easier to utilize in spaces where cannabis consumption may be looked down upon. It also helped our clients to think more holistically about the voice and tone of the brand to include a wider range of intersecting identities. We even came up with the idea of a community network of customers who could support new users in visiting a dispensary for the first time, knowing that it can be intimidating.
Taking all of the great concepting from our clients we came up with three different brand identities that were bold enough to kick off a new company but flexible enough to expand as the product offering diversified.
Ultimately, the final direction landed on a beautiful wordmark that included all of the brand pillars, a suite of illustrations that visualized the flavor profiles of the gummies, and a campaign rally cry that everyone was a goddess.
(bud)tender, love, and care—

We’ve seen time and time again cannabis plants treated like either something scary and sinister, or as an emblem of ‘stoner’ culture.

But the reality is, like all plants, cannabis plants need to be nurtured—they grow with sunlight and drink in rain. They’re both delicate and strong and they can flourish when given the right support.
Just the right amount—

Dosing can be challenging and we want to make sure that our customers get exactly what they need whenever they need it. Whether it’s a little something at lunch, a replacement for a glass of wine after a long day, or a pregame for a fun night out... whenever, however, and with whomever our customers choose to dose, our easy to break gummies have them covered.
Breathing into Balance—

Life is full of ups and downs, joy and stress. We want to be the support that our customers need through any challenge. Life is all about balance and Goddesses know that they don’t need an excuse or a reason to make time for themselves at the end of a long day. They just own what’s always been theirs....and in doing so, inspire others to do the same.
A community of goddesses—

Being a Goddess means centering yourself. It’s about carving out that space in your busy life to find your own balance. Goddesses know that by putting themselves first, they are able to be better for their families, their friends, their colleagues, their communities.
"I love the work you did on Goddess Growers and will always hold it close to my heart."
—Post project client feedback

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