Designing for Mothers
Tools to support breastfeeding mothers returning to work.
Workshop Design
Experiential Design
My Role: Lead Designer
Team: Diane Lee, Rebecca Henderson, Project/Client Leads, Kathryn Kollett, IXD
The Ask: Over the course of a few months, my team worked with the New Mom’s Healthy Return Coalition founded by two powerhouses in the newborn care industry. They had come together over a shared vision and strategy to support mothers returning to the workforce after parental leave. But, they didn't know where to begin or how to create a launch strategy.
The Process: We developed a series of workshops with the coalition to help them develop a vision statement, guiding principles, a value proposition, and go-to-market strategy. I worked with a business strategist, ux designer, and project lead to create the protocol and stimuli for the workshops as well as final deliverables in the form of a strategy deck and prototype of a welcome kit for new parents.
The Outcome: The coalition launched in 2021 with the support of our team and much of the language and even design from the workshop materials informed the final direction of the brand.
The workshop
During the two week planning phase for the workshop, I collaborated with a business strategist and ux designer to create a comprehensive facilitator’s guide and brand agnostic materials. We knew right from the beginning of the project, that this work was deeply personal. Therefore we wanted to design an experience that felt welcoming and safe. For many of the workshop participants, it was their first opportunity to interact and really get to know each other.
Following the workshop, we synthesized a positioning statement, guiding principles, a go-to-market approach, and value proposition for the coalition. I also developed a video documenting the day so that they could share their experience internally with coworkers.
Post-launch, we also worked with the team to design a New Parent Welcome Box. I wanted the box to feel truly usable with encouraging words, gift cards, access to the coalition offering, and even a gift for baby.
I wrote and designed a set of ‘encouragement cards’ for new parents that were also contrast cards for newborns and could be used with toddlers to teach them about animals and kindness. Each fun fact and 'pro tip' was inspired by a different offering from the coalition.
Thank you again for the excellent composting of all of our input, it has resulted in rich soil in which we can grow this project/program.”

—NMHR Founder

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