Divided into 89 blades that stretch over 150 feet long and reach 22 feet in height, the installation is the only structure of its kind dedicated to showcasing Chicago artists, culture and history alongside renowned and emerging artists from around the world. 
Riverside Investment and Development hired me to design a mural for the wall. The original brief simply requested a city scene. I decided to focus on celebrating the diversity and culture in Chicago by adding some of my favorite places and characters to the wall. The final piece was animated by Zhang Zige.
I wanted to mural to feel iconic and easily recognizable for the brand but also not overpower or set too much of a direction for the visual aesthetics of the programming. We wanted the mural to be inspirational and beautiful while also still feeling like it could be a backdrop for hundreds of projects around the world. The AWTY team uses the mural as a backdrop during musical performances, a space to have workshops, as a photography backdrop, and as a moving advertisement for the project. It somehow looks cohesive and impactful in every space.

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